October 8th, 2016 at Overton Square – a day of Music, Love, and Gardening

Bristerfest is an annual independent festival showcasing music and culture, benefiting the environment in Memphis, TN.  Since 2011 Bristerfest has raised and donated over $5000 to a nonprofit, GrowMemphis, to help build urban community gardens and support local food sustainability.

Bristerfest is about love and making a change, for family, friends and you.

We welcome you to enjoy the experience.

Bristerfest will be held at the Overton Square Tower Courtyard on October 8th, 2016.

The festival is free from 12pm-8pm, donations are encouraged!

 There will be a marketplace of vendors selling artwork, jewelry, and other items on Trimble Street. Performances include Ghost Town Blues Band, The Incredible Hook, Faith Evans Ruch, Syrrup, Nightingail, and School of Rock Germantown. The stage is located directly behind the Memphis Pizza Café.

The festival continues from 8pm-2am at Lafayette's Music Room with performances by Zigadoo Moneyclips and Devil Train.



Music, Art, Vendors

music art vendors

Benefit the Community

benefit the community bristerfest and growmemphis

Family Friendly Good Times!

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